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Alberto Pinton perseverates in keeping the jazz roots watered with the willingness of exploring new creative avenues.

Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

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Review of 'Resiliency' on Touching Extremes

Alberto Pinton Noi Siamo 'Resiliency' cd (Moserobie Music Production) reviewed by Massimo Ricci on Touching Extremes.

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The press on Resiliency

Alberto Pinton Noi Siamo 'Resiliency' cd (Moserobie Music Production) has been positively received by the international press.

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Alberto Pinton - Resiliency Album Teaser

Live @ Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm, July 29 2015, Niklas Barnö trumpet / Alberto Pinton clarinet, baritone saxophone, composer / Torbjörn Zetterberg bass / Konrad Agnas drums / Recording & Mixing Johan Berke

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Sven Berggren's Room8 @ Teater Lederman, 'Fasthand'

I start out the tune with an improvised solo, composition by trombonist Sven Berggren.
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